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Oxford Township

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Oxford Township was formed from portions of Greenwich Township on May 30, 1754 while the area was still part of Sussex County and was incorporated as one of New Jersey's initial group of townships on February 21, 1798. Over the centuries since its creation, portions of the township were taken to form Knowlton Township (February 23, 1763), Franklin Township, Harmony Township and Hope Township (all on April 8, 1839), Belvidere (April 7, 1845) and White Township (April 9, 1913).

The origin of the name and the exact date of the township's creation is still in dispute. One source says that the township was named after the university in England, and was formed in either 1753 or 1755, but another source claims that the township was named after an early settler named John Axford, who came to settle in the area with others between 1735 and 1739, and affirms that the township's creation was in 1755.



Oxford Township
11 Green St
Oxford, NJ 07863


Construction Official 908-713-0722

Court Administator 908-453-3098 X201

Fire - 911
(Non-Emergency) 908-453-2720

First Aid - 911
(Non-Emergency) 908-453-2567

Health Department

Library - 908-475-6322

Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 908-835-2051

Police - 911
(Non-emergency) 908-689-1630

Public Works 908-453-3303


Senior Citizens

Tax Collector's Office 908-453-3098 X202

Tax Assessor 908-453-3098 X205


Board of Education


Oxford Central School - Elementary Grades PreK - 8
17 Kent St.
Oxford, NJ 07863

Warren Hills Regional High School - Grades 7 - 12
89 Bowerstown Rd
Washington, NJ 07882

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Oxford Furnace
Washington & Cinder St
Oxford, NJ 07863

(Photo by Alan Edelson courtesy of

Built in 1741-42 by Jonathan Robeson in partnership with
the Shippen Family on land that would eventually encompass
approximately 4,000 acres including iron ore, limestone, wood
and water resources utilized by the furnace. It is the oldest
remaining iron furnace in New Jersey and the third constructed
in the Colony of New Jersey. Its establishment marked the
genesis of an iron industry in Oxford lasting well into the
20th century.

Oxford Historic District House #3 - Grist Mill (Colonial Methodist Church)
Washington Avenue
Oxford, NJ 07863

(Photo by Alan Edelson courtesy of

Grist Mill built in 1813, Became the Colonial Methodist Church in 1913.


Oxford Historic District House #5 - Foundry
Washington Avenue
Oxford, NJ 07863

(Photo by Alan Edelson courtesy of

Foundry produced train car wheels in the mid 1800s.

Second Presbyterian Church of Oxford
Washington Ave
Oxford, NJ 07863

(Photo by Alan Edelson courtesy of

The brick church was constructed in 1866 on land deeded
to Second Presbyterian Church by the Scranton Family,
who were proprietors of Oxford Furnace and among
the congregation's founders.
Rev,. E. Clarke Cline was the first installed minister
on January 31, 1866, following his service as
Civil War chaplain for the 11th NJ Regiment.
The chapel was built in 1847 and became
Oxford Furnace's first place of worship as a
missionary church of First Presbyterian Church
of Oxford, now known as First Presbyterian
Church of Oxford at Hazen. The chapel was
also Oxford;s first community center, and for
a time the town's schoolhouse. The original
stone chapel was destroyed by fire and the
existing building was erected on its foundation in 1866.

Shippen Manor Museum
8 Belvidere Ave
Oxford, NJ 07863

Built by Joseph and Wm. Shippen, owners of Oxford Furnace.
Served as iron company residence for 200 years.
A state and national historic site.


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