Morris County

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Historic Places

 Founded in 1739. George Washington and the Continental Army encamped here in 1777 and in 1779 - 1780. It was a major iron-producing center in the nation during the 19th century. Below are some of the places that shaped Morris County and New Jersey.


Morris County Historic Preservation Progam
Morris County Department of Planning & Development
30 Schuyler Place
Morristown, NJ 07960

Morris County Historical Society &
Acorn Hall Victorian House Museum
68 Morris Ave
Morristown, NJ 07960

The Morris County Historical Society is headquarted at Acorn Hall, a 1853 Victorian Italianate mansion. It is operated as a historic house museum, producing exhibitions on local history in the Galleries of Acorn Hall and providing public programming on Morris County history.


Dr John Taylor House
Myrtle Avenue
Boonton, NJ 07005

Dr. Taylor resided and practiced medicine here. Dwelling purchased
1921 by town of Boonton as memorial to World War I veterans.
Town Hall until 1965. Headquarters, Post 124, American Legion.


Black Horse Inn
Old Route 24 and Hilltop Road
Mendham, NJ 07945

Farmhouse home of Ebenezer Byram, one of Mendham's founding fathers. In 1742 opened as tavern to travelers. In continuous operation as hostelry over two hundred years.


Brookside Historical District
E. Main Street
Mendham, NJ 07945

Water power and natural resources made this a busy industrial village from the early 18th century through 1900. Visible today are waterways that powered sawmills, grist mills, wagon shops, a glass factory, and cottage industries.


Hilltop Church
Hilltop Road and Talmadge Road
Mendham, NJ 07945

The original church chartered in 1745. Served as a hospital for the Continental Army in 1777. The present church was built in 1860.


Lebbeus Dod House
West Main Street
Mendham, NJ 07945

Lebbeus Dod, Captain of the Morris County Militia during the Revolution; also renowned craftsman noted for his clocks and mathematical instruments.


Ralston Cider Mill Museum
303C Mendham Road
Mendham, NJ 07945

Built in 1848 and the only operational cider mill functioning as a museum and educational experience.


Ralston Dictrict of Mendham
Old Route 24 and Roxiticus Road
Mendham, NJ 07945

Logan's grist mill supplied food to Washington's troops during Jockey Hollow encampment. John Ralston, early industrialist, occupied the manor house 1786-1819, and operated the general store, subsequently a post office 1892-1941.


Union School
Union School House Road
Mendham, NJ 07945

Built and operated as a one room school until 1928, when students transferred to Mendham Borough School. Remodelled as private dwelling after acquisition by Schiff Scout Reservation, 1941


Washington Valley Schoolhouse
Washington Valley Road and Schoolhouse Lane
Mendham, NJ 07945

Built on site of original 1813 "Brick School". Educated 30-40 children yearly until 1913. Served as a Sunday School 1875-1937. In continuous use as a community meeting place since 1851.


Cooper Gristmill
66 Washington Tpke
Chester, NJ 07930

Visitors can watch a massive waterwheel power shafts and gears that turn 2,000-pound millstones. Learn about the history of the mill and about the town once called Milltown. Also features: Group picnic shelters, trails, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, and x-country skiing.


Millington Schoolhouse #74
Long Hill Road
Millington, NJ 07946

Built in early 19th century as one room school. Classes held continuously until 1926. Addition added 1910. Since 1928 used as Passaic Township Hall. Public school classes discontinued in 1933.


Mountain School
Mt. Kemble Avenue
Morris Towship, NJ 07960

Oldest schoolhouse still standing in Morris township.
Addition built in 1899. School held here continuously from


Fosterfields Living Historical Farm
73 Kahdena Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Offers visitors the opportunity to experience agricultural heritage throught living history progams and tours looking at life in Victorian times.

Historic Speedwell
333 Speedwell Ave
Morristown, NJ 07936

A National Historic Landmark comprised of eight historic structures. Among those are the home of Stephen Vail, proprietor of the Speedwell Iron Works, restored to the period of 1844-1864, and the Factory Building where Samual F.B. Morse and Alfred Vail first publically demonstated the telegraph.


Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
45 Macculloch Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Built by the Macculloch Family in 1810. The Maccullochs influenced education, politics and cultural events of their time. Acquired by Morristown philanthropist
W.Parstons Todd in 1949. The museum in known for its collection of works by America's leading 19th century political cartoonist Thomas Nast. Nast is known for popularizing the Republican Elephant, Democratic Donkey, and America's image of Santa Claus.


Park of Artillery
Mendham Avenue
Morris Township, NJ 07960

Artillery Brigade Cantonment commanded by General Henry Knox hutted near this site during second winter encampment of Continental Army in
1779 – 1780.


Located in front of Morris Plains Library
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Original dwelling built by Ebenezer Stiles about 1752. Lighthorsemen quartered here during Revolution. House enlarged 1868 by Jonathan Roberts, founder of Library Association 1881.


Alnwick Hall
Madison Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Built during Morristown’s Gilded Age for General Edward Meany, New Jersey Advocate General, 1893, and a Director of American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Architecture reflects English Medieval Castle influence.


Church of the Assumption
Maple Avenue and Madison Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Gothic revival building is oldest standing church in Morristown. Replaced 1848 wooden church which ministered to Irish immigrant families in surrounding Dublin area.


Jewish Community Center
Speedwell Avenue and Sussex Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

First Jewish place of worship in Morristown incorporated 1899. Present center, housing synagogue, chapel, Hebrew school and related organizations built by descendants of original congregation.


Morris County Cival War Monument
S. Place and E. Park Place (at the Green)
Morristown, NJ 07960

Erected by the people of Morris County, to perpetuate the memory of her soldiers and sailors, who fell during the great Civil War.


Mt. Kemble Home
Mt Kemble Road and Macculloch Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Non-sectarian home for deserving elderly women founded by women
members of Morristown Presbyterian Church. In continuous service since
1883. Known as “Old Ladies Home” until present name adopted 1950.


Saint Peter's Church
South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

The churches of Medieval England inspired the design of this gothic revival edifice by architects McKim, Mead, and White. Built 1887 – 1911, it replaced an 1828 structure. Features include English stained glass, a 49-bell carillon, a rood screen of Spanish design, a skinner organ, and a Tiffany window.

Sansay House
DeHart Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Monsieur Louis Sansay, French dancing school here. House was site of ball honoring Lafayette in 1825. General Joseph Revere, grandson of patriot Paul Revere, lived in this house. He fought in the Mexican War and Civil War. Also serving in the Mexican Army, Revere was knighted by Queen Isabella II in 1851 for rescuing 13 Spanish citizens.


Vail Homestead Farm
Speedwell Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Stephen Vail, owner of Speedwell Iron Works, built machinery for S.S. Savannah, first trans-Atlantic steamship, in 1819. His son, Alfred Vail, and Samuel Morse first publicly demonstrated electromagnetic telegraph in 1838.


Morristown National Historic Park
30 Washington Place
Morristown, NJ 07960

Made up of four units:

Washington's Headquarters:The Ford Mansion

Home of Jacob Ford Jr. and wife Theadsa Ford and winter headquarters to General George Washington during the winter of 1779 - 1780


Fort Nonsense

Wanting to secure Morristown as a supply base, General Washington ordered the construction of a fortification. This this fort was to also serve as a retreat for soldiers stationed in Morristown if it was neccessary. Morristown was never attacked so the fortified hilltop was never used. As early as the 1790s it acquired its name, Fort Nonsense.

Jocky Hollow
Visitor's Center:
61 Jockey Hollow Rad
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Jockey Hollow was twice used as a winter encampment by the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.


The New Jersey Brigade/Cross Estate Gardens

About 900 soldiers of the The New Jersey Brigade of the Continental Army encamped in the Jockey Hollow and what is now a preserved site at the Cross Estate Gardens. New Jersey soldiers enlisted early in the Revolution and fought through to the end. The New Jersey Brigade was fundamental in many battles for the Continental Army.

Mount Hope Historical Park
Richard Mine Rd & Teabo Rd
Wharton, NJ 07885

Remains one of earliest mining areas of Colonial America and continued until 1978. Now a historic site with marked trails for those who wish be where the mining areas existed.


Morris County 9/11 Memorial
West Hanover Avenue and Raynor Road
Mount Freedom, NJ

This memorial is dedicated to every victim of the September 11, 2001 attacks against our country.


Lake Musconetcong
Ledgewood Avenue and Main Street
Netcong, NJ 07857

Created in 1846 as the Morris Canal’s Stanhope Reservoir. This lake supplied water that filled the canal and powered local industries. Mules treading an earthen causeway across the lake pulled boats loaded with coal, iron ore, or freight along a channel in the lake bed.


New Vernon Historic District
Village Road and Millbrook Road
New Vernon, NJ 07976

Crossroads community, first settled 1727. Contains homes representing
Colonial, Greek Revival and Victorian architecture. Additional
dwellings include former general store, blacksmith home, academy and
Presbyterian Church.


Holmes Library
Church Street
Boonton, NJ 07005

Original Greek Revival dwelling built for commercial use 1849. Purchased for residence 1856 by James Holmes, prominent Boonton citizen. Building enlarged and converted to Holmes Library 1893.


New Jersey Fireman's Home & Museum
565 Lathrop Ave
Boonton, NJ 07004

Became the first retirement facility for fireman in New Jersey and second in the nation and operates part of the facility as the Firemans Museum. Features an American LaFrance Steamer Engine as well as many other exhibits relating to fire fighting.


Obadiah LaTourette Grist and Saw Mill
East Mill Road
Washington Twp, NJ 07853

Originally built around 1750 the mill was essential to the economy of the local valley and remained in operation until the 1940s. Restoration was started in 1991.


The Schuyler-Hamilton House
5 Olyphant Place
Morristown, NJ 07960

The colonial home of Revolutionary War doctor Jabez Cambell Jr. and his wife Sarah who moved there in 1765 from Newark. In 1779-1780, George Washington's personal physician, Dr. John Cochran, stayed at the house with his wife Gertrude.


The Stickley Museum at Craftman Farms
2352 Route 10 West
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

30-acre National Historic Landmark of the Gustav Stickley early 20th century country estate. The Stickley log cabin home was built in 1911 and is one of the most significant landmarks of the American Arts and Crafts movement.


Livingston-Benedict House
Old Parsippany Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Revolutionary War refuge Home of William Livngston and his family. Livingston
was the first elected Governor of New Jersey.

First Reformed Church
529 Newark Pompton Turnpike
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

Congregation organized 1736 as Reformed Netherlands Dutch Church. Original church built 1771. Restored in 1937 after fire destroyed all but walls. Notable for Christopher Wren steeple.


Giles Mandeville House
515 Newark Pompton Tpke
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

Built by Giles Mandeville for his bride, Sarah Roome. Later served as Pompton Plains' first post office. Since 1953 manse of First Reformed Church.


Martin Berry House
581 Route 23 South
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

Built by Martin Berry (1693-1784) son of the first family to settle Pompton Plains. Only Pre- Revolutionary building substantially unaltered in Pequannock Township.

Rockaway Presbyterian Church
35 Church Street
Rockaway, NJ 07866

First Meeting House built 1758. During struggle for Independence, church furnished leadership and public forum for patriots. Burying place of
General William Winds. Present church built 1832.


Stephen Jackson House
40 East Main Street
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Captain Stephen Jackson – member of George Washington’s body- guard. The General stopped here for refreshments 1780.


Ford-Faesch Manor
629 Mt Hope Road
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Manor house built by Jacob Ford, Jr. subsequently home of John Jacob
Faesch who directed the iron mining operations which provided the
Continental Army with ammunition and ordinance.

First Presbyterian Church at Suckasunny Plains
99 Main Street
Succusunna, NJ 07876

Congregation organized 1756. First Meeting House erected about 1760. Used as hospital and arsenal for Continental Army in 1777. Present church
built 1853. Burying place of Governor Mahlon Dickerson.


Henry Doremus House
490 Main Street
Towaco, NJ 07082

Circa 1760 Dutch Stone House where George Washington and Alexander Hamilton stayed June 25-27, 1780, following the Battle of Springfield. French
forces under Gen. Rochambeau rested in the orchard August 27, 1781, en route to Yorktown.


The Whippany Railway Museum
1 Railroad Plaza
Whippany, NJ 07981

Dedicated to preserving the heritage and history of the railroads of New Jersey through the preservation, restoration, interpretation, and operation of historic railroad equipment and artifacts from New Jersey and the immediate vicinity.





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